Stick Around For The Main Event

As a followup to last night’s post about opening bands, I’ll add that sometimes a non-local opener is a good idea, because after a local opener the fans of said band tend to leave in droves, thinning out the crowd for what’s usually a better act coming up later.

Thursday night’s main acts, The Sea Wolf Mutiny and Full Color Footage, have fairly healthy (if fairly young–I was almost the only one with an adult beverage in hand the whole night) followings considering their relatively short tenures on the local scene. I had seen both bands in an acoustic competition previously but had not been able to catch either one in a full-on electric setup, so I was going nowhere even after a pretty decent opening act.

Sea Wolf Mutiny rises up through the awkward yet arresting stage presence of lead singer and keyboard player Bobby Hatfield, whose vocal strength and pounding, rhythmic playing style provide much of the group’s personality. Perfectly flawless they’re not, and they’re better for it–you’ll be hard pressed to find a more honestly wrung-out performance.

Full Color Footage, on the other hand, are slicker and more melodic; as different as they are from their friends in Sea Wolf Mutiny, it’s the keyboard’s central presence in the music that ties the two bands inevitably together. It’s a musical alliance that appears to benefit both groups, as the crowd didn’t change over much at all, if any, from one set to the next.

The proof’s in the performances, of course, so here are a couple clips from the sets of Sea Wolf Mutiny and Full Color Footage (Lighting’s terrible so the picture’s not the best, but the sound is pretty good):


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