Pay Attention to the Opening Band

Sometimes, it pays to show up early to a club and catch the opening act, especially when it’s a ringer tossed onto a local bill like the one I just saw. Early in this case meant about 8:45 pm, and when I walked in the band was on stage soundchecking–from what the bar staff was saying, they had been running late and just gotten there minutes before.

Conditions was the name of the band, i found out later, but not being familiar with them didn’t matter because the five-piece lit up the stage like it was an amphitheater using every inch (and there weren’t that many to use) and just generally moving and pacing around the stage like a real rock band should.

Turns out they were two nights removed from a stretch of Warped Tour dates, not surprising when one considered the tightly wound pop/punk/rock sound they pounded out over a brief six-song set. Not really my favorite style, to be honest, but they were solid, professional, and very good at it, which won even me over.

After a little research, I find that they’ll be putting out a new album on September 14th, Flourescent Youth (Good Fight Records). If Warped Tour vets like New Found Glory are your thing, seek this one out–until then check them out on Pure Volume here.

Need more proof? Here’s the one video I shot of their set:

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