The Musical Saw Has Its Own Festival?

I posted yesterday about banjo music and the love it or hate it reaction to that instrument; those who find the banjo the most annoying instrument just haven’t heard a musical saw yet, I’d bet. it’s an unearthly sound, like a cello that has been possessed by demons, or a really warbly violin. There have been a few bands which have made use of a musical saw, including Trailer Bride and the Flatlanders, but thankfully it’s still a rare sight on most stages.

It won’t be so rare next month in New York City, because that is where you’ll find the Musical Saw Festival on August 7th.

According to the event website, the festival will include the following:

NATALIA ‘SAW LADY’ PARUZ, founder & organizer of the Musical Saw Festival, will present the musical saw as a band instrument in jazz/pop/world-music, with AmeriKlectic the band.

* AmeriKlectic – a 10 piece jazz band featuring the musical saw as the lead instrument. AmeriKlectic is an acoustic chamber music group featuring musical saw, vibraphone, strings, horns and rhythm section, performing original music with a disinct sound that seemlessly blends styles from classical and jazz, to pop, newage and ethnic musics.

* World premier of new compositions for the musical saw, commissioned for the Musical Saw Festival, including a piece for three musical saws and piano by Eyal Bat.

* A musical saw art exhibit

* Solos by saw players from around the world

* The ‘Chorus of the Saws’ (all participating musical saw players playing together)

* Musical saw workshop

Here’s a couple of clips from last year’s Musical Saw Festival:

They even set a world record for the largest musical saw ensemble last year with this performance:

One thought on “The Musical Saw Has Its Own Festival?

  1. Awesome! I saw the ‘Saw Lady’ (pun intended) a couple of years ago at the Spolleto Festival in Charleston, in ‘Monkey – Journey to the West’. She was part of the show’s orchestra. Gorgeous sound.

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