The Wide Open Road of The Triffids

As obscure Australian bands go, the Triffids aren’t the least known by a long shot, but for anyone who missed their 1980’s tenure it’s still “Who?” when the name is brought up. The UK label Domino has been working to rectify that situation with a string of reissues of the band’s classic albums, but if you want a quick primer on why you should know these songs, check out the just-released Wide Open Road: The Best of the Triffids.

The title is evocative of the band’s windswept music, epic in the way that only great rock bands can be. Their early albums betrayed plenty of Velvet Underground influence but the sound steadily grew, drawing from folk and roots music in ways not too different than Dylan and the Band or Van Morrison. My own introduction to The Triffids is still my personal favorite album of theirs, Calenture, with “Trick of the Light” and “Bury Me Deep In Love,” but this new best-of proves they had plenty of great songs throughout their career.

Domino Records: Triffids Artist Page

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