Is MySpace Dead? If Not, Somebody Kill It, Please…

I’ll be blunt and to the point here: If your band uses a MySpace Music profile as your only online presence, I’ll never hear you. I’m declaring myself officially done with the site as of right now, not that they’ll notice I’m gone.

This is a direct result of a frustrating evening of trying to glean information and music from several different bands (who I’ll be tactful towards and not name here) that I was assigned to write about. It’s a sad fact that even though MySpace has been dead in the water for most folks now on Facebook, it’s still a popular way for bands to put their music out online.

For that reason, I find myself having to access the site frequently to listen to artists I’m writing about. Tonight, every time I accessed a MySpace profile to listen to a band’s music it crashed my browser and internet connection so completely that I had to restart my whole computer to get back online. Once online everything was cool until I tried MySpace again…same result.

What should have taken less than an hour became more than twice that due to this issue, and it’s not the first time something of this nature has occurred between MySpace and my computers…just the first time it’s happened on deadline night.

Why a band has to limit themselves to MySpace now, when there are so many other easier to use sites out there for music hosting and web pages, etc., I don’t know. A frustrated status update on my own Facebook profile garnered a half-dozen or more recommendations for everything from Reverb Nation to Sonicbids, Bandcamp, Ourstage, and Soundcloud. I’ve accessed band’s music on all of those and never had a problem with crashes like I do with MySpace.

The deeper issue here, however, is one of an artist’s commitment and professionalism. Use the above sites, sure, but have the faith in yourself to put up your own unique site, pay the money to make it look good or learn how to code it yourself. Nothing screams “amateur” to me like a band with a website address that links to a MySpace profile and nothing else. Even if you use a premium level WordPress blog as your site, it’ll look better, update easier, and be more readily accessed.

I’m not an expert in web design or website hosting, but there are plenty of people out there who are, including some of your own local fans. If you can’t do it and can’t afford to pay somebody, get a fan to do it for you–they’ll probably jump at the chance to help out in such a signficant way.

You may notice that I have a MySpace profile in my links on this blog, plus one for the charity Christmas concert I put on every year…I’m no hypocrite–those are going away, as soon as I can get on long enough without crashing to delete them.

Got a band website or profile somewhere that won’t crash my system? put a link in the comments and I’ll check it out, just because it’s NOT MySpace.

Not surprisingly, I’m not the only one with a wish to do harm to MySpace, check out this 2006 blog post that in retrospect is both clueless and spot-on: How to Kill MySpace


2 thoughts on “Is MySpace Dead? If Not, Somebody Kill It, Please…

  1. Amen Kevin! I think you are dead on with this. One local band that I work with (no names *grin*) uses ReverbNation and from the little experience I have on there, seems to work pretty flawlessly. I don’t think that bands should totally give up on MySpace, but they shouldn’t spend much time on there either. As in any marketing strategy you want to have as much reach as possible, and there are still people out there who use MySpace, so why limit yourself to reaching a potential new fan. That being said, if I band does anything more than add some music, links, and tour dates to the page they are completely wasting their time. A website with your own unique URL can be had for less than $60 a year from many hosting providers, and for most bands that is less than the cost of a bar tab for one night, and a really slick band theme for word press is less than $50. I would also encourage bands to use services like twitter (via Tweet Deck) that can update multiple sites with a single entry. I still have a MySpace page (see previous marketing reason) but only log onto it about ever two months, since I can update my status via Tweet Deck, and never have to get on the site. Bottom line is make your music, and get it out there!

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