Blast From SC Past: Bachelors Of Art, This Tribal Courthouse

One of the first bands I remember seeing live upon my arrival at the University of South Carolina in the mid-1980s was the gothic rock band Bachelors of Art. Already a big draw around town from several years of shows, the band issued their first album, This Tribal Courthouse, in 1986.

A local classic for many years despite not-so-great production values from the low-budget recording process, the album has reached enough ears in enough places that it’s also becoming something of an obscure classic of the goth-rock set worldwide.

Back in January, the blog Phoenix Hairpins posted a link to download the entire album, making my original vinyl copy much less valuable, I suppose.

Then today I find the following videos posted to Youtube by somebody in Germany, I think–the video portion is just a static shot of the album cover, but all but one of the album tracks are now available for your listening pleasure there as well.

For some more detailed info on the album, also check out this page on that has the liner note info on production and personnel.


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