Give Isabelle’s Gift a Big KISS

I’m not a fan of the kind of internet-based band competitions that prod artists into spamming their fans and friends endlessly with “vote for me/us” messages so they can move up in some meaningless prize package quest, but I’ve finally found one I can wholeheartedly support.

Columbia, SC redneck punk-metal masters Isabelle’s Gift are vying for an opening slot on an upcoming KISS concert date in Charlotte, NC; if you’re at all familiar with the former then you know how great it would be for them to open up for the latter even on one of these perennial ‘last tour’ things (Though i’m not sure if they’ve dubbed it as such, they have had at least one or two of the ‘last tours’ already). The reason I’m plugging it here is to get you to help them out, obviously, but also because a couple of the other front runners in the contest are cover bands, not original acts, which strikes me as a little unfair.

The band itself is trying everything they can think of to get the word and the vote out, including scheduling a video shoot next Thursday night at Hemingway’s in Irmo, SC to help convince the final judges they deserve to win.

If you want to help them out, follow this link, , where you’ll have to give up some info to vote. To prove how raucous and hell-raising they can be on stage, here’s a live clip from last year:


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