31 Days in the Hole

Like most writers I suffer from procrastination, especially in the summertime when there is so much to do other than write. It is with this in mind that I am throwing down a challenge to myself for the month of July: to post a blog entry here every day.

It’s a hefty goal and one that I’m not altogether sure I can meet, hence the ‘challenge’ part. I’m not above another guest post or two like Kevin Scheyer’s excellent eulogy of Larry Jon Wilson last week, and there may be a day or three when you’ll see not much more than a cool new video I’ve found or had sent to me. I do have a backlog of great music that I’ve been wanting to talk and write about, however, so here’s hoping I can get to some of that in the next 31 days. For starters, here’s a great live clip of the song referenced in the title of this post (which is going up on June 30th, so it doesn’t count towards the July total):

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