John Wesley Satterfield’s New Roadshow

Photo by Clayton Bozard

A few years ago, John Wesley Satterfield was tearing up the southeastern United States with the Wilmington-born combo Woodwork Roadshow, their synthesis of bluegrass and rock ‘n’ roll culminating in the excellent In Bricks, In Bones in 2008.
Last year, Satterfield started playing solo gigs, peppering his sets with Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and some more roots-rock sounding originals that were less frenetic but no less powerful than Woodwork’s tunes.
A new EP just released this month is the first indication of what kind of future solo career Satterfield may be capable of–with one song produced by Mark Bryan of Hootie & The Blowfish and four others produced with Jay Clifford (Jump, Little Children, Howie Day, William Fitzsimmons), the songs are crisp and clear statements of purpose from a young but already experienced songwriter. Here’s a clip of Satterfield playing a recent festival show with Mark Bryan in attendance:

For more on Satterfield, check out the feature story I did on him in a recent Columbia Free Times here

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