A Global Warning From The Dubber

The Dubber (real name: Wendell Culbreath) is a busy guy these days. His new album, Global Warning has just been released, and he has been on a month-long cross-country tour.

March 19th, he played the South By Southwest Music Conference, opening at Headhunters for the LA based band Year of the Dragon, fronted by vocalist Rodcore and of Fishbone fame, Dirty Walt.

After that, he played in Los Angeles with his new band, Rebel Alliance and wrote songs and recorded on a new project with members of Fishbone and Year of the Dragon.
“The title is going to be Five Fingers of Death, The Dubber says, “A straight hardcore rock EP. It brings me back to my humble beginnings.”

Add to that shows in Arizona, Las Vegas, and Seattle, and The Dubber’s been across the country and back before this weekend’s show at the Art Bar, in his current hometown of Columbia, SC.

Haven’t heard The Dubber? His sound is sometimes lumped in with the urban folk scene of Ben Harper but he’s closer in spirit to guys like Gil Scott-Heron, with some classic reggae influences thrown in. Here’s the video for a song off the new disc, With a Feeling (shot here in Columbia by Caveat Productions, the guys behind the Boneshow music video series):


2 thoughts on “A Global Warning From The Dubber

  1. Interesting video and song. Thanks for this info Kevin, his style has changed quite a bit since I saw him at an open mic about a year ago.

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