Dylan Sneed’s Texodus to South Carolina

A couple years ago Dallas, Texas native Dylan Sneed packed up his stuff and moved to Hartsville, South Carolina for some reason even he’s not totally clear on. The process included a tour he dubbed “Texodus” where he played shows all the way from Texas to the Carolinas, and now he’s working on an album of the same name. Here’s a clip from his last Texas concert that kicked off that transitional tour:

Here’s where you, the fans, come in. Sneed is utilizing the Kickstarter.com model to fund his project’s recording budget, which gives ordinary fans like you and me the chance to contribute funds in exchange for some sort of perk that typically increases in value with the size of the donation. Kickstarter is unique, however, in the fact that unless the artist/band involved raises the total amount they’re shooting for in their designated time frame none of the potential contributors are required to donate anything.

Sneed’s goal is a modest $6,000, and he’s already raised over a third of that in pledges so far, but his deadline is April 1st, which gives him about six more weeks at this point. Want to help? Go here to check out his Kickstarter page and donate.

For more on Dylan Sneed’s music, go to http://dylansneed.com/

For South Carolina audiences, Sneed will be opening for Chuck Brodsky at the UUFC concert series in March in Columbia.


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