New Music From The Outfield

Yes, you read that right… there’s a new album coming out this year from The Outfield.

I almost hate to admit it, but I love Play Deep, the first album from the 80’s pop/rockers–probably because 95-SX in Charleston, South Carolina went something like seven songs deep playing cuts off of it the year it came out. They were huge in Charleston–the band even booked a King Street gig back then that didn’t actually happen because of the fire marshal shutting the club down due to overcrowding.

Anyway, back to the present…got a tweet today that clued me in to the impending release of a NEW album from The Outfield. Curious? There’s a link HERE to an interview conducted a few days ago with a British journalist that includes a new song, “Baby I’m Crazy.” Or, check out an in-studio recording session take that’s up on Youtube:

Once you’ve heard the new song, which is okay but not great, go back and find the songs from that first album, like this one:


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