Hannah Miller’s Music on “Mercy”

If you watch the NBC drama “Mercy” then you may have heard South Carolina’s Hannah Miller last night (In the episode called “Can We Talk About the Giant Elephant in the Ambulance”), as her song “Keep It Simple” played over the closing scene. A surreal moment, to be sure, for both Miller and her many local fans, but it was a seamless and natural fit for the scene and the show–here’s hoping this leads to something more for Miller and her music.

If you missed the episode, check it out here at Hulu.com — if you only want to see the scene with Miller’s song, click at around the 41:00 mark, it’s on in those last couple of minutes of the show.

As a bonus, here’s a live on-air version of the same song from 2007:

If you’re unfamiliar with Hannah Miller and heard her for the first time on “Mercy,” the song “Keep It Simple” can be found on Miller’s 2008 CD Into the Black, and more about her can be found at www.hannahmillermusic.com


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