Where Does Will Erickson Go From Here?

Will Erickson came to Columbia, SC a couple of years back from central Florida and promptly dove into playing the local club and restaurant circuit as a solo acoustic act. The problem, however, was that he left a pretty decent backing band behind in Tampa, and I’m not sure he ever felt quite complete playing by himself–the recent announcement that he was moving his base of operations back to Florida came as no great surprise, then, and judging from the production and arrangements on Erickson’s newly released CD it may be the best move he could make at this point.

If Where Do We Go From Here? had been released back in 1996, we’d be talking about Will Erickson in the same sentence as Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain and Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas. The opening title cut finds him singing a little like Darius Rucker, even.

Since it’s 2010, however, a more modern comparison might be Jason Mraz, given Erickson’s slight reggae influence in the rhythms of several songs. Throughout the disc, it’s the full band arrangements that command attention, especially for those of us who have only witnessed the acoustic Will Erickson. There’s plenty of Tom Petty in “Don’t Do Me Like That,” even though it’s not a cover of Petty’s tune of the same title, and “I Will Wait” displays that inevitable Dave Matthews influence so prevalent among southeastern musicians in particular.

Erickson is moving back home to reconnect with his band and get back out on a wider touring schedule, both tactics should help get this new music across to the wider fan base it deserves.

Listen to the entire new CD here:


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