Vic Chesnutt

The sad news of the passing of Vic Chesnutt was reported in numerous outlets, but the first true confirmation for me came from Kristin Hersch on Twitter, with the simple “he’s gone” a heartbreaking coda to the day’s uncertain and conflicting stories in the media.

I first came across Chesnutt when working at a Record Bar and hearing his debut album Little, and saw him live a number of times, including an early 90’s tour with the Charlotte, NC band Hardsoul Poets (later to rename themselves Jolene).

I had the opportunity to interview Vic twice, the most recent time being this past February. I’ll never forget his admonition at the beginning of our phone conversation that I better have some “damn good questions.”
In that interview he mentions his desire to record a duet album with Hersch:

Vic Chesnutt Interview in Columbia Free Times

here’s a clip from a few years ago of Vic singing one of my favorite songs of his:

Update: Kristin Hersch has posted a site for those wishing to help Vic’s family with his outstanding medical bills: click here


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