I remember working music retail on Black…

I remember working music retail on Black Friday, Super Friday, whatever you want to call the Friday after Thanksgiving. For us, it wasn’t too big a deal, since most people didn’t buy music as a gift until the last minute…whatever you call it, I did it in a record store for eleven years. Christmas Eve was always much crazier, with guys (and girls) grabbing a stack of new releases off the front racks no matter what they were…I’m sure somebody got Britney Spears, Yanni, and Ice-T all at the same time once.
Trying to suggest “good music” at times like the Christmas season was tough, though I loved giving grandmas asking for a “good country album” a copy of Hank Williams’ Greatest Hits instead of the latest Garth Brooks release. Invariably, a ticked-off teenager would come return it the day after Christmas, however. Oh well, at least I tried.


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