Get Some Classic Mojo, Free

mojo nixonMojo Nixon, of “Elvis Is Everywhere” fame, has decided to put forth his own “Stimulus package,” and for once that’s not a tongue-in-cheek anatomical reference but a real deal for fans–For the next few weeks you can download Nixon’s entire back catalog for free here on

(Disclaimer and a warning–if you’re not familiar with Nixon’s music, it can be offensive, vulgar, etc…not for kids, in other words.)

Unfamiliar with much of it other than the Elvis song parodies? My recommendation is to go directly to the very first album when Skid Roper was still playing with him, Mojo & Skid. It’s musically the rawest of the bunch and has “I’m In Love With Your Girlfriend” as well as a killer cover of an obscure Springsteen song, “The Big Payback.”

After that, get Frenzy, which is more of what later Nixon fans would find familiar, though listening now, he sounds positively prescient on songs such as “I Hate Banks.”

Thanks Mojo, for “keeping it up” all these years.


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