Peter Himmelman Launches a Curious World

There are plenty of children’s musicians out there who claim to make kid’s music that adults will love (or at least be able to tolerate), but Grammy-winning artist Peter Himmelman makes such intelligent children’s music that I’d have to say that it is adult music which kids will love. Just because he sings about kites and trampolines doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for this overgrown kid.

This Sunday, September 27th at 10 am (Central Time), Himmelman will expand his artistic reach with a web-casted kid’s variety show, Peter Himmelman’s Curious World, on

The show promises to have a studio audience of children talking about questions they’re asked by other kids. Himmelman and his band will also perform in each of the ten weekly episodes set to run each Sunday morning through November 29th, and there will be skits and routines such as a talk with King Ferdinand the Turtle.

Himmelman’s latest album for children is My Trampoline, with songs about a turtle, a trampoline, a picky eater named Peter (which turns out to be altogether autobiographical), and how there are so few children named Steve. The reason this appeals to the adult population so well is that Himmelman plays virtually the same way on the kid’s albums as he does in the ones he periodically releases for the general adult market, and that sophisticated pop-rock style carries over well.

See for yourself how the two worlds of Peter Himmelman aren’t really that far apart. Here’s a live clip of “Only Innocent” from his weekly Furious World webcast (the adult version of Curious World)

And here’s a clip of the title track from My Trampoline:


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