Matt Urmy’s Poetic New Musical Season

Matt Urmy
New Season Comin’

Poet, singer, songwriter, healer, and performing artist Matt Urmy was born in New York and raised in Nashville, but his genesis is less interesting than his creative output, which pokes around in spiritual and transcendental philosophies atop a musical bed of relaxed folk-rock.

On his third album, Urmy has perfected a raspy resonance that’s partly early Tom Waits (think “Diamonds on the Soles Of My Shoes”) and part fellow Tennessean R.B. Morris (circa Zeke and the Wheel.) The songs sometimes serve as little more than musical beds for bluesy verse, as on the loping story-song “Cup of Grace”, but he’s equally capable of writing affecting melodies on tracks such as “Easy Train.”

There are so many great lines crammed into every song, almost tripping over each other to get out, it would be unfair to single out one or two; suffice it to say that Urmy’s poetry is musical and his music is poetic, and he still manages to sound rough enough around the edges to leave you thinking he’d be a great guy to share a couple of beers with.

Matt Urmy Website

Matt Urmy–Cup Of Grace by kageyo


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