Unaware of the Unawares?

Even on a local level there are more bands out there than time to see them, so getting out to the upcoming Free Times Music Crawl this Saturday night ought to be on everyone’s calendar. While you’re there, make sure that one group you check out is The Unawares.

Together since 2006, The Unawares play a spastic version of garage rock that’s closer to the Minutemen or the No Wave bands of NYC like James Chance and the Contortions than anything else I’ve heard lately. Pinkie Greene, issued early this year, is the band’s third CD in less than three years–all of them recorded on the cheap and quick model that sometimes produces the best results, especially for the kind of down-and-dirty rock of the Unawares.

Here’s a live clip from February that’ll give you a pretty good idea of the scuzzed-up, cranked-up fervor that this not-so-minimalist trio can bring to a live set. For more, check out www.theunawares.com


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