Old Fart At Play

No, that headline isn’t referring to me, though it probably could…actually, it’s the title of a very cool blog I stumbled across recently when he added this blog to his blogroll and I got some hits from it.

Yes, the blog-world is inbred and self-referential, but if it wasn’t we would never find cool blogs like Old Fart At Play, which doesn’t post frequently but when he does, look out. Looking for obscure music downloads? check out the most recent posts of little-known Minneapolis music like Flour for an example of the album-length downloads you can find.

Thanks for the link, Old Fart–as you may notice, I’ve returned the favor over there —->


One thought on “Old Fart At Play

  1. Thanks for the plug! You’re absolutely correct in saying that the “the blog-world is inbred and self-referential”, but that’s what binds us together, discovering others who share similar interests, and who are willing to take the time to share those interests with others.

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