Rucker Goes Platinum

So, this past week there was a party in Nashville for everyone who worked on former Hootie & the Blowfish singer Daruis Rucker’s debut country music CD Learn To Live because it has been certified platinum, meaning it’s sold over one million copies. Nice numbers in a down economy and a slumping music business, especially for a “new” act.

Rucker’s currently on a headlining tour playing small arenas, and the shows have been much like the early Hootie gigs, with the original songs fleshed out by covers–some of which actually date back to the Blowfish, like Hank Jr.’s “Family Tradition”, but a few are new to this part of Rucker’s career. One of those is in the video below, and it’s a pretty unusual song choice for a country singer, I’d have to say, but Rucker’s voice is more than up to the challenge and the audience is loving it.

One other carryover from the Hootie days is the flag-waving for his home state of South Carolina–check out the giant banner behind the stage with his name around the palmetto tree and crescent moon of the state flag.


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