The Man That Bill Noonan’s Become

bill noonan cd cover
With his latest solo CD The Man That I Can’t Be, Charlotte, North Carolina’s Bill Noonan proves that his reputation as one of the Southeast’s leading roots-rockers is well deserved.

Once the leader of The Rank Outsiders, since their breakup in 2002 Noonan has worked with like-minded artists such as David Childers and ex-Rank Outsider (and his ex-wife) Gigi Dover. Now, it’s his turn again on songs such as the raucous rockabilly of “Road 99” and the easygoing country soul of the new album’s title track.

There are some new flourishes here in the production, added elements such as a horn section and the occasional honeyed vocals of Beth Chorneau, which add polish without taking away from the rough-hewn rock ‘n’ roll attitude that’s always defined Noonan’s work all the way back to the first Rank Outsiders releases.

For those who like their Americana a little greasy, with plenty of soul and sass, Bill Noonan is the man we can’t be.

Further proof–here’s a live clip from the Charlotte release show last week:

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