Alt-Country From Another Country

So, with South America making the news this week for all the wrong reasons (the Argentina mistress of our dirtbag South Carolina Governor), here’s a great new clip of a song from Madera, a self-proclaimed “Alt-Country” band from Uruguay, of all places. It’s actually pretty good stuff, kind of like a spanish language Blue Rodeo.


2 thoughts on “Alt-Country From Another Country

  1. As a latinamerican country songwriter who has been searching for almost 24 years an opportunity to record, I claim: is there someone out there who can give a hand to this kind of bands???it is hard for an american to understand what it means to be a country band in Latinamerica…it is like Seager still says,”against the wind”…so hard to find someone who plays the banjo, mandolin, steel guitar,dobro,violin, and mostly,to find someone who lived and live, and feels country music the way it should be lived and felt…congratulations Madera, and I hope Bilboard goes further with this!By the way,this guys can sing in English as well…Alvaro, the leader voice has been living in USA and Canada for some years…

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