Mandy Moore Grows Up to be Amanda Leigh

mandy moore promo shot

I posted a clip here recently of the single from pop singer Mandy Moore’s new album Amanda Leigh and raved about how perfect a pop tune it was, without sounding like anything on pop radio. Well, the rest of the album’s out and it’s even more mature and frankly much better than even I expected.

Hard to believe Moore was once part of the teen pop scene that included Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears after listening to this. Look at that picture up there–her hair’s not perfect, or even blonde any more, and yet it’s impossible to take your eyes off her.

The problem, however, is that Moore’s label is promoting the album like she’s still going to appeal to the kids–through Walmart, no less. There’s a great performance and interview video up on that would get blogged about repeatedly if they’d convinced, say, Paste to post it. Moore’s as hip and ‘alternative’ now as any indie-pop chanteuse, and regardless of where she’s been I love where she’s going these days.

Here’s a clip–For the full video, click here.

Mandy Moore on Soundcheck from Lunchbox Studios on Vimeo.


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