New Music From Elvis Costello

Secret, Profane, and Sugarcane is the name of the brand new album from longtime critic’s darling Elvis Costello, who has gone through more artistic permutations in the last decade than Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen combined. Costello has returned to a country-folk vibe for the first time since the classic 80’s album King Of America found him exploring American forms of country and roots music. Luminaries like Jerry Douglas and Bryan Duncan backed up Costello in a swift three-day session to produce the album, and that spontaneity shows in the offhand, playful nature of the tunes. Check out this clip from Newsweek, of all places, with Costello playing a solo acoustic blues called “Sulphur To Sugarcane.” He gets bonus points, btw, for mentioning South Carolina in the lyrics.

Universal Music Group and Elvis Costello are teaming up for a great cause. On the they are auctioning off a signed Elvis Costello guitar where 100% of the proceeds go to City of Hope. The City of Hope is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer as well as other life-threatening diseases. The auction will run until Monday, June 15th.

Link to Auction:
Signed Elvis Costello Guitar

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