The Connells Revisited

Ran across some Connells videos (while I was looking in vain for one of fellow NC band Dillon Fence’s “Frances”) and hearing some of those songs reminded me how much I liked the band’s music, especially their first couple of albums, including their best, Boylan Heights.

While they sound much like many other jangly Brit-influenced college radio darlings of the late 80s (The Reivers, Dreams So Real, Dumptruck, etc.), with the friends I circulated with, they were about one rung above Hootie & The Blowfish on the ladder of coolness. Most of this attitude, I’m convinced now, was due to their popularity among the frat and sorority crowd, who packed every show I attended back then.

Listening to the almost Celtic-sounding, majestic tones of “Over There,” or the insistently poppy chorus of “Scotty’s Lament” now, the only thing that matters is that these are great songs.

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