Zach and his Red Wagon


It’s an american icon, the Radio Flyer red wagon; that Zach Seibert chose it for the name of his band says a lot about the timeless appeal of the music they make–sturdy, simple tunes with an easygoing gait that could resonate with a wide range of listeners given the chance to be heard.

Seibert may draw comparisons to Ryan Adams’ early work, but his twang sounds more natural and innate. “Dream of Two,” from the band’s debut CD Learning To Drown, is typical of the direct, yet poetic lyricism he’s capable of. The narrator sounds resigned to his fate of “me being me and you being you”:

maybe we could work it out
but I’ll stick around and let you kick
this dumb old mule right in the mouth”

The mini-drama unfolds over a musical bed of gentle banjo and hammond organ riffs as he recounts the burial and exhumation of his pride and his conscience, wondering, “Do you dream of two?” while probably knowing the answer already.

Seibert used to play with the band Due East, and this new outfit is an extension of their souful alt-country sound that puts even more emphasis on his songs, and rightfully so.

Seibert and his Red Wagon will play a free show Saturday, March 21st, at the Whig in downtown Columbia, SC. Check out songs from the new album on their Myspace profile here.


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