Six Degrees of Springsteen

Okay, so there’s a new Bruce Springsteen album out–frankly, I haven’t mentioned it because I’m not all that thrilled with it and just couldn’t bring myself to write at length about something I didn’t like very much.

What’s been interesting to watch, however, is all the various things going on around the new release. From Super Bowl and inaguaral sets to Ticketmaster snafus, the guy has been in the news almost constantly for the past month.

There are tons of current bands out there who cite Springsteen as a major influence, from Lucero to the Hold Steady; one I hadn’t quite figured on was the Avett Brothers, who showed off their chops on a nifty version of a Bruce classic recently:

Here’s one of my personal favorite Bruce tunes, done by a guy who was probably an influence on Bruce instead of the other way around–Levon Helm of The Band:

Finally, here’s another unlikely group covering an equally unlikely Springsteen song–Tegan & Sara with their take on “Dancing in the Dark”:


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