Grand Theft Audio: Stealing Vegas Lifts Classic Pop Sounds

stealing vegas
stealing vegas
The neat thing about how connected we all are with the myriad of blogs, websites, and social networks out there is that occasionally I will get contacted by people I have not thought of in years, or musicians who I have not heard from in a while.

The latter situation came up recently when Chris Brackett got in touch about his new project, Stealing Vegas. Brackett may be familiar to South Carolina audiences from his semi-acoustic duo Different Daniel, and to fans of his previous outfit, Suburban Love Junkies, that called Alabama home.

Stealing Vegas is more along the Junkies line, with a contemporary, buzzing pop-rock sound that hearkens back to the popular alt-rock of the late 1990s without indulging in the post-grunge dead end of Stone Temple Pilots or Candlebox. Instead, Brackett tackles the more song-form oriented style of Tonic, or his most obvious influence, Treadmill Trackstar (The Stealing Vegas tune “3” could be a lost outtake from Treadmill’s major label days, it’s so close to their sound).

So far, Brackett has been content to play a few shows and put up some great new songs on the band’s Myspace page (Check out the song “Letters”, the best of the bunch on the playlist); hopefully there will be more to come from the group, and a proper album release, soon.


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