Another Hannah Miller to Discover

So if you’re anywhere near South Carolina you’ve probably heard Hannah Miller, the Columbia, SC musician who released her debut CD, Into the Black, last January. Well, while searching for something related to her, I found another musical Hannah Miller who’s also pretty entertaining.

This other Hannah Miller is from the United Kingdom, and has her hands in a couple of interesting bands–The Moulettes and Modernaire. The former group are a baroque-sounding acoustic pop outfit that reminds me a little bit of the late, great Tiny Lights, the Divine Comedy, or the more precious moments of Jump, Little Children, even. The latter are a more electro-goth version of the same sound, and both appear to be heavily indebted to that other Hannah Miller’s voice and cello talent.

Here’s the video on YouTube which led me to seek out more from the British Hannah Miller:

For songs from her two bands, check out their Myspace profiles:
The Moulettes


One thought on “Another Hannah Miller to Discover

  1. hello! tis i hannah miller, thanky for makin this page, am tryin to be more available on th internet and this is most helpful.
    the moulettes are currently making our debut album, walls of cello, doom bassoon, and battle drums, and modernaire are currently reshuffling and scuffling to have more cello an more drums live, tis exiting times.
    thanks again, hannah

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