My Two Biggest Musical Influences

Anytime someone comments on my wide taste in music, I point to a pair of television shows from my youth which exposed me to a great deal of music. On Saturdays, they were on at 7 and 8 pm, so as a family we typically watched them both…Hee Haw and the Lawrence Welk Show.

Before you roll your eyes and groan, think about what those two shows encompassed–Hee Haw had Buck Owens and Roy Clark, two country greats, as hosts along with a string of classic guests. Sure the humor was corny, but you also got the gospel quartet tunes and people like Grandpa Jones.

As for Lawrence Welk, his bands were always superb musicians, and even if the versions of pop standards the cast tackled were sometimes cheesy, the showmanship and variety is still entertaining.

You can find plenty of clips online from both shows, here are two unusual ones:


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