Jason Mraz Wants To Be Yours

As much music as I listen to on a daily and weekly basis, I don’t usually get music recommendations from my wife. Not that she doesn’t have good taste in music ( I married her, after all) but just that there’s little she hears that I haven’t already heard.

Last week she came to me with a question about a song she had heard, of all places, on the radio. “Not another cheesy Top 40 tune,” I’m thinking as she tries to describe it. I end up going to the local station’s website to narrow it down, since it had only been about an hour since she’d heard it on the way home, and the song turned out to be “I’m Yours,” a Jason Mraz song that has become something of a career moment for him.

I wasn’t wholly unaware of Mraz, but it was an awareness built on the shakiest of associations, the passing glance of, “heard it once, didn’t much notice it in the commercial it was in.” I was also aware that he’d been putting out albums that were mostly ignored in the mainstream for a few years now, so to hear that he was getting airplay on an actual Top 40 playlist, however insignificant that fact is nowadays, was enough to get me investigating.
Turns out, Mraz just released some new product–a CD/DVD combo called We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. it’s a collection of three “intimate sessions” EPs he has put out in the past year or so, with the DVD including videos and other footage. “I’m Yours” is on it, of course.
As stated above, I’m not that familiar with Mraz’s earlier work, but these three batches of songs are personable enough to make me want to hear more. He’s fond of clever lyrical turns of phrase, and his guitar playing incorporates reggae rhythms and other pop flourishes to keep him from sounding like yet another Jack Johnson wannabe.

Here’s the official video for “I’m Yours”, if you are not one of the 36 million people who have already seen it:


One thought on “Jason Mraz Wants To Be Yours

  1. When I first heard this (embarrassingly recently) it reminded me a lot of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – possibly because of the ukulele…

    It’s a beautiful song.

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