Ten Election Day Songs

It’s finally over, almost…the longest campaign in American history, I think I heard it called today. Just for fun, here’s a list of songs for election day, most of them with the same title. I remembered the Arcadia song first, then had to remind myself of some of the others:

“Election Day”, Arcadia: a top ten hit for the Duran Duran spinoff group Arcadia in 1985

Election Day Anti-Heroes, a two minute start-to-finish punk blast from their 1999 album Underneath the Underground.

Election Day, Blaze Foley: From the roots-country rocker’s 2006 album Cold, Cold World; Lyle Lovett also covered it nicely on My Baby Don’t Tolerate.

Election Day, Boxer Rebellion: Another punk tune, this one with the classic understatement “It’s up to you and me now, what the fuck shall we do?”

Election Day, Cindy Kallet: An obscure tune from a New England folk artist who’s averaging about one album a decade. This song is from her 1989 album Dreaming Down a Quiet Line.

Election Day, The Replacements: This bloozy, woozy tune can be found on the expanded reissue of Pleased To Meet Me.

Election Day, Sun Ra/Henry Dumas: more a conversation with found sounds in the background, an interesting artifact of the 1960s from the album The Ark and the Ankh, originally issued in 1966 and reissued in 2002.

Election Day, Jerry Joseph: This one’s from the first album by future Widespread Panic collaborator Jerry Joseph, before he formed his longtime backing band, the Jackmormons.

Election Night, John Wesley Harding: From the early studio recordings collection Dynablob, draw your own Dylan comparisons here.

Election Night, Bic Runga: A moody, jazzy soundscape that sets an optimistically tranquil mood for what’s sure to be a stressful night for a lot of people—two in particular, of course.


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