The Resurrection of Dezeray’s Hammer, Sort Of

One of my personal favorite shoulda-been-huge bands from South Carolina was the Spartanburg pop-rock outfit known as Albert Hill, then Dezeray’s Hammer. Led by singer and songwriter Aaron Whisnant, the band produced a string of albums full of crystal clear rock that was every bit as catchy and commercially accessible as contemporaries such as Matchbox Twenty, Live, Sister Hazel, and others. Although they were briefly on a major label, the usual record company shuffles left them without much in the way of support and they quickly returned to the indie world before calling it quits a few years ago.

So it was with pleasant surprise that I got a Myspace friend request today from Aaron James and the Adrenaline Junkees, which is apparently a brand new band featuring DH’s Aaron James Whisnant and Kenny Hogan. Judging from the tracks on their profile, this is about as close to a second coming of their old band as fans could hope for. Production-wise, there are a few different instruments thrown into the mix, and it’s all a bit more acoustic-based, but Whisnant’s songwriting signature is all over these songs–that means they’re really, really good. Check the songs out for yourself, and add them as friends while you’re at it:

Aaron James and the Adrenaline Junkees Myspace


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