Favorite Bands: Died Pretty

When people ask me who my favorite bands are, one of the responses in the list always elicits a bit of head-scratching and, “who’s that?” questioning–Died Pretty.

An Austrailian band from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, Died Pretty were one of my first discoveries as a college radio DJ, when the station received a copy of the Austrailian import album Free Dirt. Over the next few releases, they went from being a crashing, Led Zeppelin-influenced rock band to an expansive, densely arranged pop-rock outfit, consistently led by the unmistakable voice of Ronald S. Peno, about as unlikely a lead singer as, say, Michael Stipe.

Their peak, artistically, was the 1991 album Doughboy Hollow, but the band broke up over a decade ago without making much of an impression in the States. Here’s the video for one of the singles off that 1991 disc, “D.C.”

surfing around for more current info on the band I discovered that they performed the entire Doughboy Hollow album this past February in Australia for a one-off reunion show. Go here for a fascinating interview with the band’s lead singer conducted just before that, which gets into the band’s history and their lack of success outside of Down Under.

Every music fan has their own obscure personal favorites, and Died Pretty is pretty high up on my own list–thinking about them got me thinking about others, which means that I’ve now created yet another category of stuff to write about here.


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