This Election is Your Election

As a lifelong Bruce Springsteen fan, I viewed the news of him playing at events for presidential candidate Barack Obama with some trepidation. Not because I’m not an Obama supporter or a Democrat (I’m a staunch independent who votes for the person, not the party) but because I view mixing celebrities and politics with skepticism.

Springsteen has tons of credibility with the kind of working class voters Obama is attempting to win over even in these waning days of the campaign, so it makes perfect sense he would be a great asset on the campaign trail. Though Obama’s campaign has used “The Rising” as intro music for a while, the choice of song for this past week’s appearances with the real Springsteen has been “This Land Is Your Land,” a Woody Guthrie song that Springsteen has been playing for decades, even issuing a live version of it on the Live 1975-1985 box set. Here’s one instance of its usage:

Nothing against Bruce, but if you want to hear a really good version of this famous tune, check out this clip from 1978 of Woody’s kid, Arlo Guthrie, along with legendary folkie Pete Seeger:


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