Beth Stevens: On the Edge of Bluegrass

Beth Stevens
Beth Stevens

Beth Stevens has been around bluegrass music her whole life, but her whole name hasn’t been attached to a project until now. Strong Enough, her solo debut, comes out on Pinecastle Records next week, and it takes the traditional bluegrass of her youth in the Stevens Family band and marries it to the more contemporary acoustic country/bluegrass of the album she did with her sister, The Stevens Sisters.
Steve Gulley and Dale Ann Bradley both contribute vocals, nice company to keep if you’re a bluegrass singer; and her band can really cook when they get a chance, especially on the more upbeat tunes.
Here’s a clip of Stevens and Edge from last month performing a song from the new album, “New Home”:


4 thoughts on “Beth Stevens: On the Edge of Bluegrass

  1. Beth grate to see you going. Meet you some years ago n nashvill. have tryed to keep up ever since…New song and band sounds great…whats up wit April?
    Keep up the good work

  2. Heard you at SERTOMA last Thanksgiving. I literally had hours of listening to your new album while driving to & from bluegrass festivals. An excellent presentation
    that is a pleasure to listen too.

    May God bless you richly in your career.

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