500 Acoustic Miles

Here’s a random musical game to play using Youtube: ask whoever’s in the room with you to name a song from the 80s, or 90s, then do a search for the video and see what kind of different versions you can come up with. Usually they’re atrocious covers that are good for nothing more than a laugh, but tonight we actually found a really great live version of the one-hit Scottish wonders The Proclaimers and their song “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles.”

You’ve heard the original, no doubt, which was in one of the Shrek movies and in Benny & Joon. The video below is from an Alternative Nation live appearance, and it’s stripped down to just the two brothers and one guitar. Anybody playing solo acoustic has my respect because all the flaws and mistakes stand out when you’re that exposed–These guys don’t make mistakes, and this version is actually better than the single version. It’s raw, immediate, and emotionally delivered, giving new life to an old favorite.


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