Punk Rock Lives in You, Me, and Us

Last week I had the opportunity to fill in on the air at WUSC-FM for the Police & Thieves show, which focuses on punk rock. The experience forced me to dip into a genre I haven’t spent much time with in recent years; the result was a fun, loud, and fast two hours. It reminded me of how great a well-constructed punk rock tune can be, whether it is pop-punk, hardcore, ska-punk, or any other of the countless subgenres that have sprung out of punk’s origins.

In a recent post here I extended an invitation for bands who are out there doing things their own way to get in touch, and several of you did. The best of the batch was Columbia’s You, Me, and Us, whose loud, fast tunes on their album The Beercan Rebellion remind me of 80’s luminaries such as Social Distortion. With punk, there’s a fine line between adding some melody to sweeten up the sound and going full-tilt into mallcore mediocrity–You, Me, and Us never get close enough to that boundary to worry about having too many preteen groupies. Instead, they concentrate on classic-sounding punk rock delivered with an appropriate sneer on songs such as, “Destroy Yourself.”

The tag on their Myspace page sums the band up pretty well: “It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s angry, and it’s over.”

You, Me, and Us Myspace

Myspace live video of “Black & Blue”
You, Me, and Us – Black & Blue (LIVE)


One thought on “Punk Rock Lives in You, Me, and Us

  1. I really like the alternative meaning of your title — for those of us who have really loved punk, it lives inside you, taking up its own space in your soul. A surprising amount of space… which, for me, was unexpected.

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