Travis Barker and DJ-AM Crash

The news of the plane crash involving Blink 182’s Travis Barker and his current musical collaborator,DJ-AM (Adam Goldstein) was all over the place this weekend, with the best news coming this afternoon as doctors at the Augusta Burn Center announced the two musicians were expected to fully recover from their injuries.
Not to downplay the deaths of the four others in the crash–the pilot, copilot, Barker’s assistant and a security guard–but if either Barker or Goldstein had been among the fatalities this would probably have been an even bigger story. Not Lynyrd Skynyrd or Buddy Holly plane crash big, but pretty big.
If you missed the free show Friday night that they were here in Columbia for and are wondering just why their loss would have mattered so much, here’s a couple of clips to show how they are influencing current pop culture and music. First, the official video for “Fix Your Face”:

and here’s an amazing live video of the pair in musical action from last year:

Addendum: Here’s a recently posted video of the actual Five Points concert, shot just hours before the crash:

If you go past the Five Points fountain, there are some makeshift memorials to the four who died in the crash–probably better that they put them there than on the side of the road where the crash happened, I suppose.

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