It’s a Sweet Life for Catie Curtis

Here’s another artist doing something other than throwing their music out and assuming people will buy/hear/find it on their own. Contemporary folk-pop singer Catie Curtis is an established artist with nine albums in her discography, so it’s not like she doesn’t already have a decent fan base out there. For her new album, Sweet Life, she’s offering a free mp3 of the title track, along with a contest for fans to make a video using the song as a soundtrack.

Aimee Mann did something similar recently with her song Freeway and the results were all over the map–you can find some of the best here.

Curtis is offering an autographed guitar and a Flip Mino camcorder to the grand prize winner, and a Flip Mino to an additional “Catie’s Choice” winner.

In addition to promoting her new album by getting people to post videos all over cyberspace, she’s publicizing an ASCAP-coordinated program aimed at providing guitars to youth who cannot afford them, Aspire to Inspire.

To get the free mp3, go Compass Records. You can also enter the contest on this page, but it’s not required to get the free song.

Oh, and I guess I better at least mention that the album is pretty good; one of Curtis’ best in fact. Like Shawn Colvin and the aforementioned Mann, Curtis is comfortable in her own style and sound and it shows.


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