Shanghai Surprise: The Dovetail Joints

I’m almost hesitant to write about The Dovetail Joints because I know so little about them. After stumbling across a YouTube video of one of the Shanghai group’s songs I did the usual Googling and found almost nothing other than a half-dozen other live clips–no website, no Myspace, nothing else. All I can figure is that they’re a very local act playing the clubs in Shanghai, or I just haven’t looked hard enough yet to unearth more online info.

Here’s what I do know–the group (no relation to the 1990s alt-rockers Dovetail Joint) features a smoky-voiced singer in Becca Smith (another coincidence, as she’s different from the young Columbia, SC performer you can also find videos of online), and what I’ve heard of their music tonight is bluesy cabaret folk-rock, the kind of stuff that apparently goes over well in the bars of Shanghai. Who’d have guessed?

Here’s “Me and The Rain”, follow this to the YouTube page and you can find clips of several other pretty good songs, too.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai Surprise: The Dovetail Joints

  1. What a nice surprise to find an interest! You were right about most things, we are a local all original band, hoping to provide some artistic entertainment for those who crave an alternative to the many cover bands you can find here. We’ve been together over a year and a 1/2 now, we’ve really come into a good vibe together and we working on our first album in the studio. Check out our website and we have some shows coming up: Friday, April 17 at Live Bar in Yangpu District and Friday , April 24 at Yuyintang in Changning District. I’d like to thank you for writing about us and I hope you can come to one of our shows I’d love to meet you!

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