Jimmy Page at the Olympics

So, Led Zeppelin was everybody’s favorite band in high school, but did you happen to see Jimmy Page at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics tonight? Not sure that was the most classic moment in his career, Olympics or not, and whoever that chick singing was, I just wasn’t feeling it like I would have had it been Robert Plant.

Here’s the funniest thing about it: almost before it was over, I found the following clip online which somebody posted by videotaping their television while this travesty of musical histrionics was taking place–the title’s not in English, and there are a couple people talking over most of it, also in a non-English language…somehow it reminded me of those Mystery Science Theater episodes with the guys down front making comments on horrible sci-fi clips. I wish I could understand what was being said in the background.

(Update: Sorry, but this embed no longer works, YouTube has taken all clips of this performance down at the request of the copyright holders–NBC, I suppose.)


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