Gary Lee Conner Singing, Not Screaming

Two coincidental events convinced me I needed to post this tonight–first, I noticed in the birthdays list in today’s paper that it was the birthday of Gary Lee Conner, who was in one of the best bands of the Seattle grunge era, The Screaming Trees. Second, when looking around for what Conner might be up to these days, I found this 1985 acoustic demo from Gary Lee which was just posted on YouTube today. It’s a pretty cool tune that foreshadows the swirling gothic grunge rock of the Trees early work, even without the gutteral vocals of Mark Lanegan.

Turns out Gary Lee is now living in Texas with his family and still writing and playing music a bit. He even has a brand new Myspace profile which is linked in that video’s information notes.

Here’s a Screaming Trees clip for good measure, of my favorite song from them, “Dollar Bill”.


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