Springsteen Live In North Charleston 8-16-08

(There are already videos of several songs from this concert on Youtube, they will not allow reposting into other sites so I’ve included direct links for three of them)

For his first concert with the E Street Band in the Charleston, SC area since 1978, Bruce Springsteen did not disappoint. Playing to the locals from the start, the show kicked off with a spirited take on the Swinging Medallions’ Double Shot Of My Baby’s Love,” introducing the song as, “A little beach music.”


From there, Bruce and the band tore through classics old and new, from “Radio Nowhere” to “Out In the Street” and a lot more inbetween. Much of the main set turned into a request hour, with Springsteen collecting posters from the audience which he showed to the band before launching into whatever song it was written on each one. The crowd was treated to a few rarities and early cuts in this manner, including “Janey (Don’t You Lose Heart)” and “Growin’ Up.” The latter was played as a birthday request for a fifteen-year-old, to which Springsteen commented wryly, “This song was written twenty-five years before you were born–but I wrote it just for you.”
The band was visibly loose on the less familiar numbers, to the point where they had to search for a way to end “Janey” and took two tries to shut it down effectively. When you have as unpredictable a set list as Springsteen, however, moments like that are to be expected.

After a two hour show, the encore ran nearly an hour itself, including lengthy numbers “Jungleland” and “Rosalita” helping the minutes add up. At this point the band appeared to be having a blast, even extending the encore one more song with a rousing rendition of, “Twist and Shout” that left the audience exhausted but still yelling for more even as the lights came up and the roadies began tearing down the stage.

Springsteen himself said it best when he commented on the exuberance of the crowd, saying, “We gotta get down here more often.” I’m sure there are 12,000 of your fans who were there Saturday night that feel the same way, Bruce.


2 thoughts on “Springsteen Live In North Charleston 8-16-08

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