Roy Orbison’s Black and White Night

(This is the third in a short series of Bruce Springsteen-related posts leading up to his concert this Saturday night in North Charleston, SC)

One of my favorite Bruce moments is this 1998 music video, a concert film shot in a stylish black and white, that paired the legendary Roy Orbison up with a batch of big-name admirers as a backing band. Look closely, and in addition to Springsteen trading guitar licks with Orbison, there’s Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, James Burton, and more on stage with him.

Springsteen once famously commented when asked about his inspiration for Born To Run that he wanted to sing like Roy Orbison and make a wall of sound with his band like Phil Spector’s 60’s productions. I can only imagine how much fun he was having on this particular night, playing lead guitar alongside one of his musical heroes. Courtesy of YouTube, here’s “Pretty Woman” from Black and White Night.

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