Isaac Hayes, R.I.P.: Black Moses Finally Reaches the Promised Land

Black Moses album cover
Black Moses album cover

The thing that always disappointed me about the Biblical story of Moses was that despite his hard work and all the crap he had to put up with from the Israelites for forty years in the Wilderness, he never got to set foot in the Promised Land before he died. The music world lost Isaac Hayes today, a unique artist who once released an album called Black Moses (with a gatefold double-album sleeve that unfolded to the shape of a cross), but the big difference (other than the obvious stuff) is that Hayes was truly revered by his peers for the body of work he produced.

From Shaft to Hot Buttered Soul, Hayes created his own version of funk, soul, and groove; the world has been trying to catch up ever since. One listen to his epic recreation of Jimmy Webb’s “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” is all it takes to know that Hayes operated without much regard for rules or conventions. One thing’s for sure–by the time he gets to heaven, they’ll be grooving.


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