Secondhand Smoke PSA, “Her Life” music video

Over the course of twenty-five years of going to bars to see live music, I’m sure that I have soaked up more than my fair share of secondhand smoke. With all of the research out there indicating the dangers of such indirect contact with the cancer-causing carcinogens in cigarette smoke, there are many municipalities putting smoking bans in place which cover all workplaces, including bars and restaurants.
The 2007 death of Chris Conner from lung cancer, several years after he quit smoking himself but continued to play in smoke-filled venues, awakened many in the local Columbia, South Carolina music community to the level of exposure they were subjecting themselves to on a nightly basis. With the recent passage of a smoking ban in the city of Columbia that goes into effect in October, the first step has been taken locally to address the problem.
I have been in other cities which have passed similar bans, and gone to the clubs there for shows. The difference is striking–no smoky clothes to wash when you get home, no haze hovering just over or around your head during the show. Those who chose to continue smoking after the bans were put in place simply ducked outside for a smoke on the sidewalk, then re-entered the club to continue enjoying the live music inside.
July 10th, the Musicians and Songwriters Guild of South Carolina, in conjunction with the Christopher Conner foundation and the South Carolina Tobacco Collaborative, debuted a new music video at the Nickelodeon that addresses the secondhand smoke issue in song. “Her Life,” was written by Chip Mosteller and performed by Lucas War Hero in the video. All of the actors and extras in the clip are local, and some are local musicians themselves. Check the credits at the end and see if you recognize anybody.

{update: the day after I wrote this, the local daily paper reported that another local municipality, Lexington, is seriously considering a smoking ban as well–since that’s where I live, I’m hoping it passes this year, too.}


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