RIP Mike Scott of FOX 102

With all the talk of the “death of terrestrial radio” amid the internet and satellite inroads, etc, what’s being lost in the fuss is that there are still some real personalities out there in radio land who love the music, what little of it they still get to play. Here in Columbia, SC, we lost one of those people today when Mike Scott of our local classic rock station FOX 102 passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

Mike was a contemporary of mine, and though we knew of each other and our respective roles in the local music and radio business scene, we never got to interact much on a personal level. As a former DJ myself, however, I’ve always had the greatest respect for Mike and his enthusiasm for the music, which one couldn’t help but hear every time he opened up a microphone and that instantly recognizable voice came out over the air. He’ll definitely be missed by this listener who still tunes in the car radio to any station playing a good song–more often than not these days it’s FOX 102. Check out the pictures and tributes to Mike at–here’s my own via the video below:

One thought on “RIP Mike Scott of FOX 102

  1. I’m sorry to hear of this, too. I met Mike at one of the Free Times music crawls. He and I conspired to play a terrible practical joke on a fellow reporter that fell through (thank god). He was a load of fun, and he introduced me to a neat lady friend of his who I later hung out with myself.

    He’ll be missed.

    All these heart attacks in the news lately … I hope people are taking note and laying off the Big Macs!

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